Peer review of construction contract documents, analysis and correction of failed or damaged systems, assessment of construction delays and related impact damages, consultation in discovery and presentation of construction claims (or defense thereof), and facilities risk management are some of the H2L services available to clients through CMS.

While many of these services are furnished by H2L for the benefit of third party clients through insurance companies and claims counsel, more and more property owners are beginning to realize the importance of claims avoidance techniques that are available through H2L.

The engineering experts within H2L have substantial experience in the investigation of such typical construction-related disputes as stormwater control, water infiltration of roof and wall systems, structural failure and defects/damages/malfunctions within various mechanical and electrical systems, equipment or components. In most cases, these investigations will be for the purpose of identifying cause, responsibility and/or determination of corrective actions.

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Also available through H2L are general "peer review" services for owner, lenders and others who may recognize the quality enhancement value in design and constructability reviews of construction contract documents (plans and specifications). For it is through this type of review that sophisticated owners, investors and lenders further their objectives of completing the project within budget, without avoidable delays and without major disputes.

To those responsible for facilities management, or for underwriting the risks associated with such properties and operations, H2L also provides consultations and inspection services to help manage compliance with applicable building codes, with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), with inspection obligations under NFPA 25, "Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Base Fire Protection Systems" and with other facility safety related programs.