Linux Solutions

Cost, Security, and Stability are 3 of the greatest concerns within a company's IT infrastructure.  Linux is the solution to these very important considerations.

Whether you need a file, web, or email server, a firewall, or spam filter solution; there is a cheaper, secure, and stable solution to be found with the Linux operating system.

At H2L we take pride in meeting our own needs, and the needs of our clients with Linux based solutions.

Reasons why we use the Linux operating system:

Cost Linux is a free operating system.  Unlike many other operating system offerings where you have to pay for their operating system, and client access licenses, this operating system is completely free.  Please don't confuse free with cheap; this operating system is used by fortune 500 companies and is an enterprise grade solution.  There is much money to be saved in both the short term when installing the server(s), and long term maintenance.

Stability & Performance

Linux is an extremely stable operating system.  If you have a problem with your server(s) constantly needing to be rebooted, or your IT people are always working to maintain your servers due to another problem occurring, then the Linux operating system is what you need.  Depending on your needs, you'll often find that a Linux based solution is often less resource intensive (this is by design; due to its modular nature), which mean the server is not as taxed and performs better than other operating systems.

Security Since the Linux operating system is Open Source, that means there's a large community of people that work on and review its code, as it's available to anyone.  That's a lot of eyes reviewing its code for vulnerabilities, and when one is found it is quickly reported, and fixed.  Linux is the dominate operating system for Web servers, those servers that sit out on the internet and are most vulnerable to hacking attempts.  People trust Linux to secure their servers.